Sydney Roosters 2019 ISC Mens Indigenous Jersey

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1.00 inches
1.00 inches
1.00 inches
Sydney Roosters 2019 ISC Mens Indigenous Jersey

This years Indigenous Jersey is now revealed and available to order.

Jersey was designed Danielle Mate Sullivan, who worked with our Indigenous players to design and develop a design that represented them as proud Indigenous people but also represented our Members and our overall Club within the community.

Danielle explained in depth the special meaning behind the artwork used to create the 2019 Indigenous Jersey.

“The artwork represents the totems of the 2019 Sydney Roosters Indigenous players,” she said.

“The large circle at the centre of the piece represents the Roosters Club."

“The totems (shark, crocodile, goanna and whale) all face inwards to the Club where they meet."

“Surrounding this is the red, white and blue dot work which represents the supporters of the Club."

“The supporter’s communities, large and small, are the circles surrounding the Club."

“The white small dots show the connection from community to Club and the Club back to community."

“The large hand prints are the actual players prints and the smaller prints are of their children/family."

“This shows the importance of not only family, but the role the players have in inspiring our next generation and leaving a positive imprint of culture for everyone,” 

This 2019 Sydney Roosters Indigenous Jersey features: 

  • Embroidered Sydney Roosters logo and NRL logo.
  • Screen printed Indigenous detailling
  • Sublimated sponsor logos, Steggles, Magic Glass, Ikon, Unibet & Kari
  • Shirt tail hem for a superior fit
  • Designed and manufactured by ISC